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Michael "Kid Jet" Lo

miami bboy break, dance , Fitness, boys dance, hiphop
Breakdancer/Acrobatic Performer/Entertainer/Hype-man


Michael “Kid Jet” Lo was always into music. His love began at the age of 4, when he started learning piano. After about ten years , he started to pursue other instruments. At the age of 14, he took up playing the French Horn/Mellophone & Trumpet in high school. It was in High School that he was introduced to Breaking and life took a different route with his love for music and he began using his body as the instrument. Kid Jet also studied Kung-Fu/Canon Fist Style under Master Zhong Hong for 10 years competing and winning various competitions and titles. He is now a Dancer/Martial-Artist with 17 yrs of extensive experience in the use of movement, gestures and body language to portray a character or situation with concept of the audience in mind. In 2008, Michael got his Degree in Business Administration at Florida International University. Kid Jet is a 15 year member of The Future Force Crew, he is the Creative Director of Red Ninja Entertainment and founder of Miami Bboy Academy. His mission is to promote the art of Bboying/Breaking by reaching out, educating and inspiring today’s youth.” I love to entertain the world with my skills and convey my passion for the dance”. Kid Jet has worked at The Florida Panthers Energy Team, And Fins Force of the Miami Dolphins, Kid Jet is currently a 4X Veteran of the Back to Back Champions: The Miami Heat/Xtreme Team. Has traveled internationally to perform and Represent the USA.

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